Greetings from our sponsor

Ladies and gentlemen,

The establishment of the new »Competence Center Quantum Computing« in Baden-Württemberg is a beacon project with international appeal.

We want to make the huge innovation potential of quantum computing available for economic and scientific applications in the state of Baden-Württemberg as early as possible, thereby gaining an important locational advantage.

The establishment of the IBM quantum computer in Baden-Württemberg is a great success and an enormous opportunity for our state. The state government of Baden-Württemberg will be providing up to 40 million euros in total in order to work with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, industry and scientific institutions in the state to create an innovative knowledge and technology base for quantum computing and transfer it into practice.

With the Competence Center, we want to further develop our ecosystem of quantum technologies from universities, research institutes, start-ups and companies in Baden-Württemberg in a way that is internationally visible.

I cordially invite all interested companies, universities and non-university research institutions to become actively involved as partners in the work of the Competence Center and to jointly help shape the future of Baden-Württemberg.

Dr. Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut MdL
Minister of Economic Affairs, Labour and Housing Baden-Württemberg


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