Press release / 10.1.2018

Oliver Ambacher reappointed as Director of Fraunhofer IAF

Since January 1, 2018, Prof. Dr. Oliver Ambacher is again Director of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics. He headed the institute from 2007 to 2016 and was now reappointed.


Press release

The Rhythm of the Light - How LED lighting can affect our internal clock

Modern work environments design whole lighting concepts based on our internal rhythm. Within the current research project SusLight, experts, for example, engage with the effects of different color values of LED light on the viewer.


Press release / 1.6.2017

MIRPHAB: Sensor boutique for early adopters

Every chemical substance absorbs a very individual fraction of infrared light. Like a human fingerprint, this absorption can be used with optical methods for identifying substances. Such methods are used in the chemical industry, for example. In the search for a suitable system, companies are now supported by the EU-funded pilot line MIRPHAB for the development of sensor technology and measurement technology in mid-infrared.



News / 20.10.2017

Of highly sensitive Satellites and the passion for research

In the interview Markus Rösch speaks about how his team has developed highly sensitive amplifiers for the ESA and when the satellites will be launched into space.


News / 05.10.2017

Terranova – Thinking beyond a network standard

With the combination of wireless links and fiber optics, the project Terranova is taking a step towards future data networks beyond the 5G standard.


News / 18.7.2017

Diamond lenses make laser optics significantly lighter

Diamond lenses make it possible to reduce weight of the cutting head by more than 90% in comparison to cutting heads with conventional optics.

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