Annual report 2016/2017: Science for customers – leading the way together with our partners

Bringing technologies closer to applications, identifying today the requirements of tomorrow, and at the same time, strengthening our core competences for future innovations:  The new Annual Report presents examples of the Fraunhofer IAF research activities. These extend from fundamental research to expanded prototypes or small series.

The Fraunhofer IAF customers range from the industry sector – either through direct research contracts or via publicly financed, collaborative research projects – to public authorities.  True to the motto »Science for Customers – leading the way together with our partners«, we are presenting the Fraunhofer IAF research and development portfolio to you in the Annual Report 2016/2017. The report is also showing how the know-how developed at Fraunhofer IAF can be transferred to the technology itself as well as to subsequent processing.

This customer-focused research approach enables various projects, which are executed with and for industry partners. Practical examples of our research with high technology maturity are:

  • Millimeter waves radar sensors for applications under rough conditions – e. g. in steelworks
  • Highly integrated 600 volt class voltage converters for automobiles and data centers
  • Customized laser processing for the manufacturing of large-scale LEDs

In addition, Fraunhofer IAF is working on projects with the long-term objectives of implementation and commercialization in the industry sector:

  • Hard- and software development for real-time millimeter waves cameras
  • Efficient power amplifiers for the frequency range of 100 – 300 GHz
  • Cryogenically cooled ultra-low noise micro and millimeter waves amplifiers – e. g.  for radio astronomy

For an extension of our material basis – which enables us to realize devices and circuits – the Fraunhofer IAF is working on novel semiconductor materials with a wide bandgap such as graphene and aluminum scandium nitride (AlScN), a material with promising piezo-electric properties.

We wish you an informative and inspiring reading!