Fair  /  April 12, 2021  -  April 16, 2021

Quantum technology

At Hannover Fair 2021 from April 12-16, 2021, we will present our research in quantum technology.


  • Quantum computing

At Fraunhofer IAF, we conduct research in the field of electronics and diamond for quantum computing. Our goal is to contribute to advances in the performance of entangled qubits and quantum memories, to increase the achievable computing times of quantum computers with novel quantum hardware and to reduce error rates.

  • Quantum sensors
We develop diamond-based quantum sensors that can detect magnetic and electric fields with a spatial resolution of just a few nanometers down to individual electron and nuclear spins. The developments at Fraunhofer IAF in the field of quantum sensor technology with diamond thus contribute to the fact that quantum technologies quickly move from the laboratory stage into application.
  • Competence Center Quantum Computing Baden-Württemberg

Starting in 2021, Baden-Württemberg will be home of the first IBM quantum computer in Germany. Together with Fraunhofer IAO we coordinate the competence center and offer you access to the quantum computer to test your applications. We will be happy to inform you about these possibilities.


Meet us at Hannover Fair 2021 and let's get in touch about your applications. You will fin us at the Fraunhofer joint booth.



Note: Due to the Corona pandemic, the trade fair could be organized as a digital meeting instead of a presence trade fair. Information on this might come at short notice.