At Fraunhofer IAF, we carry out research on innovations in both optoelectronic components and systems.


We develop infrared semiconductor lasers, laser systems based on them as well as LED modules, infrared and UV detectors specifically for your field of application.

In the field of semiconductor lasers, we focus on the technologies of optically pumped semiconductor disk lasers and quantum cascade lasers (QCL). The semiconductor lasers cover the wavelength range from 2 – 11 µm.

Our detector technology for applications in Stirling-cooled, high-resolution cameras and in industrial measurement technology for the mid- and long-wave infrared is unique worldwide. It enables the production of spatially high-resolution, high-performance thermal imaging cameras, which either operate in the classic monospectral mode or have the capability of color vision in the infrared.

Our semiconductor lasers and detectors can be used for a variety of applications: from quality control of food and pharmaceuticals to monitoring industrial processes and detection of explosives.

  • Lasers
Photodetectors LED Modules
  • Epitaxy of laser structures on customer order

  • Processed QCL chips (chip-on-submount)  

  • Development of customer-specific laser modules including control electronics and software

  • Functional demonstrators for infrared spectroscopic sensor technology

  • Development of front and back side technology processes for quantum cascade lasers
  • Foundry Services for the epitaxy of IR detector structures based on III-V semiconductors 

  • Development of front and back side technology processes for detector arrays 

  • Complete small series production runs for imaging detector arrays and thermoelectrically cooled or uncooled individual detectors
  • Comprehensive measurement technology and consulting services for damage and failure analysis of LEDs

  • LED-based system demonstrators in the fields of smart lighting or adaptive lighting

What’s happening at IAF

A short overview

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Infrared lasers for flexible use

The Fraunhofer IAF specializes in the research and development of semiconductor lasers and laser modules emitting in the infrared spectral region.

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External cavitiy quantum cascade lasers

The quantum cascade lasers developed at Fraunhofer IAF cover a wavelength range from 4 – 11 μm and offer a broad spectral tuning range.

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Application laboratory for infrared spectroscopy

Our application laboratory offers you the possibility to test whether our real-time infrared spectroscopy is suitable for your specific application.

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Infrared semiconductor disk lasers

High power, tunable wavelength, or extremely narrow linewidth: the semiconductor disk lasers (SDLs) developed at Fraunhofer IAF can be customized to a wide range of applications.

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Infrared detectors for quality control

In the fields of research and industry infrared and Raman spectrometers are predominantly used for material analysis and quality control.

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Infrared detectors for alerting sensors

The bi-spectral InAs/GaSb superlattice detectors, developed at the Fraunhofer IAF, are the only ones of this design which can provide infrared images with spectral information as they can see in color.

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UV detectors

In the industrial use of ultraviolet light (UV), for instance in the curing of paint and adhesives or in water treatment applications, continuous monitoring of the light intensity is useful or even mandatory.

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Defect repair of LED chips by ultraviolet laser micromachining

The method of ultraviolet laser micromachining of LEDs developed by Fraunhofer IAF is suitable for defect repair of large-size LED chips with lateral or vertical current flow design.

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LED lighting with gallium nitride

Scientists at the Fraunhofer IAF have developed an LED lamp which provides a light output power twice as high as commercial models of the same size.

Videos relating to Optoelectronics


IR-Laser Fabrication Chain

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Optical Pump Semiconductor Disc Laser

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Quantum Cascade Laser Based Spectroscopy

This video explains how spectroscopy based on quantum cascade lasers works. The video runs without sound or speech.

Infrared Semiconductor Lasers

In this video we show you our wide range of applications of infrared lasers. The video runs without sound or speech.