Radar for sensing and material testing

The frequency range of 75 –110 GHz (W-band) is ideal for radars to detect small objects from a distance, even if visibility is restricted. Due to the production costs and device size, radar systems have only been used to a limited extent so far. A research group has now developed a compact and modular W-band radar for diverse and flexible use.

W-band radar module in aluminium packaging.
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The W-band radar module measures only 78 x 42 x 28 mm3.


  • High range of coverage and accuracy
  • Phase-locked loop for chirp generation with frequency multiplication
  • ƒGaAs-based integrated circuits on cost-effective polymer substrate
  • Broadband antenna with dielectric lens
  • ƒIntegrated signal processing and object analysis
Radar for sensing and material testing
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The W-band radar provides reliable monitoring of container ports even in fog.


  • ƒIndustrial sensors: precise distance measurements under limited visibility conditions
  • ƒLogistics: monitoring of container ports
  • Medical technology: intelligent medical devices
  • Air safety: landing aid for helicopters
  • Transportation: railway technology

Brochure: »W-band radar modules for sensors, automation, and security«