LED lighting with gallium nitride

Scientists at the Fraunhofer IAF have developed an LED lamp which provides a light output power twice as high as commercial models of the same size. The energy-efficiency of an LED is decisively influenced by the LED driver unit, which converts the AC voltage of the power grid into DC with a reduced voltage. The semiconductor gallium nitride, which is already used for the LED chips of the lamp, is also utilized in its driver electronics and exhibits several advantages compared to commonly used silicon.

Full ceramic LED module for lighting applications.
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Full ceramic LED module for lighting applications.


  • Design E27 lamp
  • Driver efficieny: 86 % with galvanic isolation
  • ƒƒPower consumption: 22,4 W
  • Luminous flux: 2680 lm
  • ƒƒOverall efficiency: 120 lm/W
  • Higher switching frequencies and lower switching
    losses compared to the silicon technology
  • ƒƒVolume reduction of coils and condensers
  • ƒƒOperation at high temperatures possible


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