Application Fields

Successful cooperations with industry partners


Quantum cascade lasers for better product quality

Cooperation with Fraunhofer IPMS for laser-based measuring systems


Microwave amplifiers for precise weather forecasts

Satellite-based earth observation in cooperation with ESA


Amplifiers for data rates up to 1 Gbit/s

Shaping the 5th generation of mobile communication with Nokia


Environment and Production

Real-time monitoring of hazardous substances, automated control and optimization of process flows: We develop components and technologies for in-line process control, and sensors which provide precise feedback on hazardous substances in air, soil and liquids even in harsh environments.


Information and Communication

Worldwide data transmission continuously increases, rural areas are to be connected to high speed networks, future mobile networks must allow a fast transmission of high data rates. In order to meet these demands, the Fraunhofer IAF develops high performance energy-efficient devices and circuits.


Energy and Mobility

Increasing demand for energy, high traffic volumes and increasing environmental pollution require sustainable and affordable solutions. The components and modules developed at Fraunhofer IAF pave the way for energy savings in diverse areas such as e-mobility or data centers.


Safety and Security

Every day, we unconsciously rely on different safety and security systems to work reliably. The Fraunhofer IAF develops components and systems which support and protect rescue teams and operational services.